Rigid-Flex Production:
Rigid-Flex Int. is an industry leader in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuits with more than 20 years experience. We process single, double-sided, Multi-Layer, and Rigid Flex circuits.

At Rigid-Flex Int. our Business Development Managers have decades of experience working closely with our customers to support integrating the right solution for all your needs. Rigid-Flex Int. offers roll to roll processing with minimum labor to provide high volume product at low cost.

Our capability includes single sided, double sided (with or without PTH), multi-layer and flexi-rigid. All of our flexi circuits are constructed by building up component layers, eg. base, copper, cover lay, stiffener.

Our product offerings includes advanced HDI, high layer count, high speed-low loss capability supports increased market requirements that span across all major commercial and industrial market segments. We have pioneered advances in the manufacture of complex, technologically advanced multi-layered printed circuit boards and custom-designed back-planes.

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